Clear Braces in La Grange Park & Brookfield, IL

Perfectly aligned teeth are essential for a perfect smile, as well as for good chewing and proper dental care. Few people have straight teeth and a good bite. If you are struggling with crooked teeth, but you do not feel comfortable wearing traditional wired braces, clear braces are an alternative to consider.

Clear braces represent the most modern and safe method of teeth straightening. With the coming of clear braces, people no longer have to witness the social embarrassment of the metal wires protruding from the teeth. They are made of plastic or acrylic, are transparent, and are custom-made to fit your teeth. The treatment involves wearing the clear brace all day long, for at least ten months and up to 2 years.

How Clear Braces Work

The clear braces are only available in the dental office and can only be fitted after a dental examination. Clear braces are customized using a computer to match the treatment. A 3D model is generated to match the exact design of your patient’s mouth. A clear brace is made which determines the crooked teeth that need to move towards a standard position. The first brace is used for 20 hours every day, for two weeks. After two weeks, a new impression is taken for a new brace. The number of braces used in treatment varies between 18 and 30, depending on the teeth’s appearance and desired results.

Advantages of Clear Braces in La Grange Park & Brookfield

  1. Clear braces are barely noticeable and thus do not affect your appearance.
  2. Clear braces are removable thus if you wish to remove them for a brief period for a meeting or party or to eat or drink you may easily do so.
  3. Clear braces are comfortable and smooth. There aren’t any protruding edges or sharp edges that irritate or scratch the insides of the gums and mouth.
  4. As clear braces treatment is fully computerized, you know exactly what to expect.
  5. Clear braces need only a year or at a maximum year and a half to straighten the teeth.

Who qualifies for clear braces?

Clear braces are only recommended for teenagers and adults. Children cannot benefit from this product because their jaws are still growing, and the clear braces may interfere with their development. Also, for best results, it is advisable that the clear braces are fitted only on mildly or moderately crooked teeth. If you have enough interdental space to support the tooth alignment, the clear braces will yield perfect results. When the interdental space is missing, and the teeth are extremely crooked, it is advisable to ask the dentist for other teeth straightening alternatives.

Clear braces are a perfect option for people who lead a busy lifestyle but are looking for a perfect set of teeth. Contact us to know more about clear braces. Made using cutting-edge technology and designed to fit fully your teeth, clear braces are the ultimate choice when it comes to teeth straightening. Contact our office today for more information about clear braces in La Grange Park & Brookfield.